Attendance & Bell Schedule

When your child is enrolled in our Springdale Early Childhood program, regular attendance is VERY important and mandatory. ABC Guidelines require that your child be in attendance for the seven hours designated by the Early Childhood Program. The regular operating days of your child’s program are Monday-Friday and the time you have chosen. 

We will have the same holidays and breaks as the Springdale Schools. If Springdale Schools are closed for in-service or bad weather, Pre-K is also closed. 

If your child arrives late or leaves early, he/she will miss out on learning activities and not receive the full benefit of the Pre-K program. It is in the best interest of your child, your family, and the Springdale Early Childhood program to establish a pattern of regular attendance for your child. The following steps will be taken to ensure your child’s attendance: 

  1. If no parental contact has been made after 3 days of absence the child’s teacher will contact parents about the child’s well-being. If no contact with parents has been made after 10 days, the student will be dropped from this program. 

  2. After 3 unexcused absences, late arrivals, late departures, or early departures, a conference with the parent and school personnel will be held. Unexcused absences are defined as: anything other than a sick Pre-K child or family emergency. (This may be a meeting with the classroom teacher and parents or the director or assistant director and counselor, parents, or any combination.) Preschool is not mandatory in the State of Arkansas, however we are here to serve you and your family, but if you feel you cannot comply with the attendance requirements please inform administration or your child’s teacher. As a parent you have the option to withdraw your child from this program at any time. We keep about 200 names on our waiting list. 

  3. At the conference, a plan of action will be determined, put in writing, and signed by both the parent and school personnel. An option can be Springdale After School Program (which parents would have to pay for).

  4. If the plan of action is not followed and attendance does not improve, the ABC Administrators in Little Rock will be contacted and your child may be dismissed from the program.